Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fun!! Nature!!

Hey people,

I am back and this time I am going to share you some pictures of my recent visit to Dolalghat, a famous picnic spot in  our country. I went there with my friends and Yeah, it was fun. Anyone would love to hang around with friends,won't they? I must say I had lots of fun. The quiet environment and with nature and friends around, the joy was unlimited. I wore a striped knit top and paired it with tight jeans. The shoes are black pumps which I love. I think that I missed a belt to help define my waist. Don't you think so?

Playing with splashes of water is boring. I love playing with water,don't you?

I had been there when I was in I think Grade 2. I (the girl in the orange top) seem so funny, don't I?

Not to forget, I went to Sanga as well. There's a very tall statue of Lord Shiva. By that I mean THE TALLEST among the existing statues of Lord Shiva. It's so tall that you will find it difficult to see me in the picture. Isn't the statue amazing?

What do you think of the pictures? Please comment below so that I can know what you think of them and follow as well :) .

Have a great day!!
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