Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yes!+ Experience

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This time around I am going to share with you all the amazing experience that I got from Yes!+ course conducted by Art of Living organization. The organization founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shanker is actively spreading love and brotherhood in the world. I feel very lucky that I got this opportunity to join the Yes!+ course.
Now, lets move towards my experience. The course really focuses on our spiritual aspect which is lacking in most of us now. We don't get stress management skills, rather stress elimination is their motto. Our teacher, Bhawesh Khanal is truly an inspiration for all the youths like us. The course has really helped me to understand who I really am and what do I really want. Few crazy things done there still makes me giggle, even when I'm alone. The inspirational talks of our teacher were mesmerizing. The jokes that he cracked were really amazing. The radiant smile in his face never let any of the participant's face go grim. His enchanting voice mesmerizes the one who hears him. What a great personality, what an inspiration! I was sort of reserved person till the beginning of class but now that the course has been completed, I feel like making a new friend each day. I want to take responsibilities. I want to study more. I want to keep myself busy. I have a strong desire to build healthy relationships with people around me. The course has really made me realize the value of my parents. The entire experience was amazing. 

Fun aspects:

  • Making groups, giving them hilarious names and dancing like idiots :)
  • Riddles which were kinda so difficult to solve
  • Games that were meant to make us realize some critical aspects of life
  • Yoga, pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya
  • Not to forget, the jokes cracked by our teacher
  • Hilarious acts by the participants in the talent showcase program
  • Fruit Salad Competition
  • Satsang that really made me forget the whole world outside
  • Candle dance
  • Cake ordered from the cash collected as fine from the participants for not being on time

Some pictures, enjoy:

Our teacher along with the participants while learning a great aspect of life

Grand cake ( sponsors were the ones who were late to reach the class )

One of the greatest singer alive singing in the Talent Showcase
P.s. Look at the smile in the face of our teacher.

Dance performance by a group of volunteers

Our teacher playing guitar during divine Satsang

Friends writing compliments without letting each other know whats written

After completion of the compliment writing session

Craziness unlimited

Random games, lots of fun.

Having fruit salad after the competition was over. ( Our group won the best taste award :) )

We weren't allowed to drink tea or coffee for 6 days and you'll be amazed to know that after 6 days, I didn't want to drink tea either. So, now I kinda quit tea. We were asked not to have non-veg items but good for me that, I had quit non-veg items long time ago.

 Learning aspects:

  1. You have to be a little crazy to be happy.
  2. One has to have strict discipline and punctuality.
  3. The quality of life depends upon our state of mind.
  4. Don't let others be the controller of your life. Be what you really are and be firm. 
  5. Make your parents happy and you'll have all the treasures in this world.
  6. Controlling our emotions is directly related to controlling our breath. So, the pattern of breathing should be given much attention.
  7. Don't see the intentions behind other's mistakes. If you stop making assumptions, you can lead a cheerful life.
  8. The refreshing Surya Namaskar and Pranayamas and the divine Sudarshan Kriya.
  9. Where there is a will, there is a way. Our teacher himself is a great example. He has become such a graceful human being that you will be lured hearing his voice and hypnotizing smile. You can know more about about him through his blog.
  10. If you follow fun, misery follows you but if you follow knowledge, fun follows you.
  11. The main mission of every human being is to be happy. So, don't wait for tomorrow to be happy. Be happy in the present.
  12. Live in the present, be happy now. Let go the load of past and future that becomes hindrance when it comes to being happy. Be happy at the present.
  13. Concentration skill and nervousness reducing ways
If I keep listing what I learnt, even one whole day won't be enough. There's so much to learn. My experience of Yes!+ has been truly amazing. I can feel the gradual change in me. I can feel the positive vibes around me. So, I highly recommend everyone to take up the Yes!+ course conducted by Art of Living organization for extracting the best out of you.

P.s. This is not any kind of advertisement. This is solely based on my own experience.

Have a great day!!

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