Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Little HELLO!!!

Hello people,

What’s cooking? I know I have remained underground for long (slight giggle). What’s new so? I always have exams and you all know how much I am inclined towards it. No, way will I ever start adoring exams.
Enough of talks, now I need to focus on the main point. Help me with that. J This time I’m gonna show you what I wore for a casual day out with my girlfriends. As I hadn’t gone out since long, I didn’t know what the temperature will be like and I opted for a simple tank top and jeans. I covered up myself with a black cardigan and white belt (which I think I should have avoided, I should have gone for blue one). Talking about shoes, I wore a girly black flat pump which I’m in love with recently. What do you think of the outfit people? Do share your opinion. I am sorry for the crap quality of pictures though.
Now, the photos are here. Enjoy.

Have a great day!!
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