Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Glimpse of Wedding Culture; Fun Unlimited (Part II)

Hey guys,

How you doing? What's up? This week has been crazy fun for me. You might know about Yes!+. I have talked about it here. The week was hectic and fun as well. The sad part is that this was the last Yes!+ and all I could do was spend as much time as I could. So, I am sorry for the late post.
I have shared about the first day here. The second day of marriage is a fun-filled day. The groom side organizes a grand party for all their relatives as well as the relatives of the bride. The family of bride come to groom's place with lots of gifts for the family members including clothes and gold ornaments. After they have completed the gift giving ceremony, they get busy meeting the guests ( and receiving gifts as well :) ). And after everyone else has the meal, the fun begins. Yeah!!! The party begins. People get on the dance floor. After the party is over, the bridegroom are taken to bride's home for one night stay. Overall, the day is full of fun.
On the second day, most of the young and unmarried girls are found in Western attires while the married woman wear sarees. The married ladies come out in colorful sarees on this day. (You must have noticed that on the first day, most people wear red dresses). I chose to wear a striped chiffon shirt and paired it with a high-waist black jeans. I wore a blazer and put on the black pumps (my all time favorite). I tied my hair for a more sophisticated look. Please, do tell me how I look.


Have a great day people.
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