Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Friends, Sun and Fun!!

I must say, you people have become like my best friends. Whatever I feel of whatever I need to share can be written right here and I feel light. Thank you loves. Lots of love and thank you for being there.

Now, let me tell you I went for a casual day out with my friends. Well, how many of you like going out with friends? Well, I know most of us. And I must admit I am crazy about hanging around with friends. This time I went for a loose black top that I got from Persunmall. As the weather is really scorching hot during the day, loose tops are great. As you all might have noticed till now, I am a great fan of jeans and I wore a stretchy jeans this time. I went for flat slippers as they are super comfy (I need to walk miles when I go out with friends in fact. LOL) For accessory, I chose a simple pendant which I actually love for its simplicity and elegance. Just, share what you think of the outfit guys.

Have a great day!!
Big Kisses!!

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