Friday, April 4, 2014

OOTD | Help! Help!

I have my practical exams for board exam tomorrow and I don't feel like studying at all. I know it's my chronic disease and I want to get a remedy for this. Please people, help me fight this situation. (Help!!! Help!!!)

I went for a "Puja" carried out in my neighbor's house and I had to wear a traditional piece of clothing. If you all aren't aware of "Puja", it's a religious ceremony and mostly done by Hindus. Different Gods and Goddesses are worshiped for the well-being of the family members and close ones. It's a great way to have a family get-together and is a social process.
I chose to wear a simple plain kurta-salwar as I didn't want to stand out in the crowd in an awkward way. It's good to be dressed in traditional clothes at times,isn't it? The Kurta has a baby pink floral print which I just love. The contrast green salwar is awesome. The flowy shawl is great as well. I paired up my dress with a black polka-dot wedge heel shoe. For accessory, I chose a pearl ear-ring which is a gift from my sister. So girls, tell me what you think of the dress.

Have a great day lovelies!!
 Big Kisses!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Friends, Sun and Fun!!

I must say, you people have become like my best friends. Whatever I feel of whatever I need to share can be written right here and I feel light. Thank you loves. Lots of love and thank you for being there.

Now, let me tell you I went for a casual day out with my friends. Well, how many of you like going out with friends? Well, I know most of us. And I must admit I am crazy about hanging around with friends. This time I went for a loose black top that I got from Persunmall. As the weather is really scorching hot during the day, loose tops are great. As you all might have noticed till now, I am a great fan of jeans and I wore a stretchy jeans this time. I went for flat slippers as they are super comfy (I need to walk miles when I go out with friends in fact. LOL) For accessory, I chose a simple pendant which I actually love for its simplicity and elegance. Just, share what you think of the outfit guys.

Have a great day!!
Big Kisses!!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Glimpse of Wedding Culture; Fun Unlimited (Part II)

Hey guys,

How you doing? What's up? This week has been crazy fun for me. You might know about Yes!+. I have talked about it here. The week was hectic and fun as well. The sad part is that this was the last Yes!+ and all I could do was spend as much time as I could. So, I am sorry for the late post.
I have shared about the first day here. The second day of marriage is a fun-filled day. The groom side organizes a grand party for all their relatives as well as the relatives of the bride. The family of bride come to groom's place with lots of gifts for the family members including clothes and gold ornaments. After they have completed the gift giving ceremony, they get busy meeting the guests ( and receiving gifts as well :) ). And after everyone else has the meal, the fun begins. Yeah!!! The party begins. People get on the dance floor. After the party is over, the bridegroom are taken to bride's home for one night stay. Overall, the day is full of fun.
On the second day, most of the young and unmarried girls are found in Western attires while the married woman wear sarees. The married ladies come out in colorful sarees on this day. (You must have noticed that on the first day, most people wear red dresses). I chose to wear a striped chiffon shirt and paired it with a high-waist black jeans. I wore a blazer and put on the black pumps (my all time favorite). I tied my hair for a more sophisticated look. Please, do tell me how I look.


Have a great day people.
Big kisses!!

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