Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday treat!!!!

Hey fashionistas,

My friend had her birthday this weekend and we all went for the celebration. The birthday treat meant something very special for three of us who went for the celebration. the birthday of a school friend is special, don't you think so? As winter has already stepped in, I wore a knit sweater which my sister from US gifted me with a skinny pant. What do you think of my pairing? I added a fun blue belt in order cinch my waist. The belt gave some shape to my body. The shoes that I wore were a pair of black pumps. So, the birthday celebration was rocking and we had lots of fun.

We gifted her a teddy bear and a best friend mug. I just love the teddy. I wish someone gifted me the teddy back. Isn't the teddy cool? >_^

What do think of my outfit and the teddy? Comment so that I can know what you think of them.

LOve ya all.
Have a great day.

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