Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dress like a Fashionista!!!!

Hey babes,

I hope you're having trendy days. I introduce to you, with great pleasure that I have found a great online shopping site. Now, be ready, It's Aupie. There is a wide range of selection of fashion dresses and accessories. Here are my few favorites.

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These dresses are trendy as well as contemporary. If you want to look chic then you'll need to visit the store once. The store's name is Aupie . Don't you love all these dresses and accessories? I am in love with all these things. I hope you visit the store and update your trendy wardrobe.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Amazing Country: NEPAL

Hello everyone,
This time I'm back early. In this post I'm gonna share some important features of my country. My country is amazing, it's culturally and naturally diverse. I am not lying here and you'll believe me once you see all the pictures.


Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha. There is Mayadevi Temple and the world peace light that burns naturally. The place is lovely. There are more than 50 other monasteries built by various countries in the memory of Gautam Buddha. There is a famous pillar known as Ashoka pillar built by Emperor Ashoka.

I also got a chance to visit the place and am very glad about it.

2.Mount Everest

You'll must have heard about Mount Everest. It is the highest peak of world. And I feel proud to share with you all that it is situated in our country. Known as roof of world, it is the most visited tourist destination. It is located in Solukhumbu district of Nepal.

3.Touch of Nature

There are many places in Nepal which are naturally diverse. The high mountains, hills, rivers, forests and the plain terai. There are so many things to see.

4.Cultural diversity

Though Nepal is a multi-cultural country,there is cultural harmony.People of various castes,religions,dresses and feeding habits have accommodated themselves in this small country very peacefully.
Feel free to share which one do you like the most.





I hope you love those dresses.Love ya all....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter around!!!!!

Hey babes,

As winter has already knocked our door, it's time that we start updating our winter wardrobe. Though I am not big fan of winter clothing as they're heavy but I love the style that we can put into. I love the blazers, sweaters, heavy scarves, and so on. These are some of my favorites.

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas From New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Don't you love these bright colored winter dresses that add glamour as well as warmth to your wardrobe? I just love them!!! I can't wait to search for similar pieces in the market.


Friday, November 22, 2013



I haven't been able to create a new blog for few days because of my hectic schedule but yeah!!!! I'M BACK!!! This time I'm not going to post anything regarding fashion but am gonna share a funny poem that I wrote while just giggling with my sister. It's a weird and somehow funny poem regarding TOMATOES. Doesn't it sound funny already?
Now loves, my short and humorous poem goes like this...


Why are tomatoes red?
I haven't found the answer yet,
Why is their shape round as ball?
Why,without them,do curries taste dull?

Widely used in pickles and curry,
Can be used as salad in hurry,
They really add flavor to dishes,
Whether they're with veggie,meat or fishes.

Mild is their smell,delicious to taste,
Versatility is what makes them best.
I love them,no matter,with them,whatever I do,
If you like this poem,be sure you comment too.

Now,as my blog is dedicated to fashion, I can't resist sharing these beautiful dresses. They're with a twist,that is they have tomato print in them...
Can't wait to have a view?Look below...

Image 1 of Jovonnista Tomato Print Dress

Be sure to share what you think of these dresses.....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

FASHION!!! FASHION!!! FASHION!!! Dress It Like A Fashionista and Dress It Like A Diva....

It's the passion of every girl to look stylish and trendy but there's always a barrier on this way. Ya, I'm talking about the choice of store. Haven't you ever faced problem in this. I always do have. Finally, I got an online site which offers fashion clothing that too in an affordable price(sigh of relief). Yeah!!!! I'm celebrating right now.

 Don't you love this neckpiece?? Wear it with a simple white tee or a little black dress and you'll be transformed into a diva.

Black Gem Bohemian Style Necklace SP49972

Get it Here.

Don't you want some trendy clothing pieces in the price of  Wholesale clothing.

Red Knitting Women Fashion Lapel Long Sleeve with Hat New Korean Style Candy Color Stripe Casual Loose Coat One Size NRJ703A-0921-52r

Own it by clicking here.

The dresses are awesome.Can't you guess from the above given pieces? I just love the dresses and I am sure that You will fall in love with these dresses as well.
You'll get  Wedding Dress also in affordable prices. This is an awesome site to shop for wholesale clothing as well as getting chic dresses for individual wardrobe as well.
The most amazing thing is that the purchasers can be traders or individuals. Won't you love to shop there?
The wholesale traders will be benefited from the quick and easy shipping. The dresses are contemporary and will fit in the wardrobe of every trendy girl.


Beige Knitting Women Fashion Round Neck Long Sleeve New Korean Style Casual Slim Short Length Sexy Dress S/M/L/XL N519-7728-50be

Black Blends Women Fashion Round Neck Long Sleeve Korean New Fashion Style Casual Slim Short Length Dress One Size FZ72632-29b

Beige Cat's Eyes Diamound Butterfly Necklace SP50174

Korean Style Diamond White Gem Necklace SP49750

 Hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Be sure to leave comments.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Love to style it different ways????

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