Friday, March 21, 2014

A Glimpse of Wedding Culture; Fun Unlimited (Part I)

Hello fellas,

Hope you all are having rocking time. I can guess. With summer approaching, you all must be ready with your comfy shorts and dresses,aren't you? 
Now,let me tell you. I just attended wedding of my relative. I feel really embarrassing to tell but the guy who got married is my 'SON' in relation. Can you believe it? And after all, I am mother of more than 10 people,most of them being older than me. LOL :D Relations are complicated and in our country it's more than just complicated and it's fun.
Wedding in our country is a two days celebration. This time I'm gonna share what the first day is like. The relatives and family members of groom go to the bride's place and the whole mass of people is known as 'Janta". They go there and celebrate and have delicacies as well that the bride side has offered. While the bride-groom were busy with the ritual, we relatives have fun and you will see how much fun in the pictures. Red is considered to be good when it comes to weddings and I also went for the same. You can see me in the red Kurtha. You can guess the amount of fun I had,so much fun that I even forgot to click my single photo. Don't forget to share what you think of the pictures lovely people.
Now,here are the pictures. 

My sister, mom and me ( Left to right)

Have a great day!!
Big Kisses!!

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