Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wish Snow Falls!!

Hello lovlies,

It's been ages since I made my last post but I hope that you still remember me, don't you? I was kinda busy with my college assignments and exams. I hope you do understand. I don't wanna talk all these nonsense now but yeah, I feel like I have got to share. I nearly forgot to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014, though am late.
Now, lets come to the topic. The winter season has already stepped in and it's very cold in our country. I wish there was snow fall in my place too, but it never happens. The last time snow fall occurred was about 7 years ago. Aahh!! Long time, isn't it? The day was perfect though. It was February 14, how romantic??? This time I am sharing with you the pictures of mine, of course, while I was away with my parents to my uncle's home. I wore a comfy big jacket that makes me seem a lot healthier ( can't use fat here) than I actually am. I paired it with a colorful pant and black heels. For me, I love pairing colored bottoms with neutral tops and shoes. What about you?

What do you think of my look? Be sure to comment.

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Have a great day!!
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