Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Step Towards Spirituality!!

Hey people,

As you might know, I have exams lately. I don't wanna talk about it though. I can't resist but share an amazing experience with you all. I am taking spirituality classes. Well, now how many of you believe in spirituality? I didn't believe in it at all till last week but the classes have changed my view. The classes are so much fun and inspirational that one will get attracted towards the classes if you once attend. The organization named "Art of Living" teaches us to live as happily as we ever wanted. The classes are just so amazing. If you ever get a chance to join Yes!+ course conducted by the organization, don't ever dare to miss it. You'll get a life-time experience and will never be sad anymore.
Yet another thing I missed to say, my Grade 11 results are out and I obtained 84%. 
Well, well, well, lots of nonsense talks right? Now I am going to share my pictures with you. I wore a striped top with the denim pants that was love at first sight. What do you think of the pants people? The shoes are spiked ballerina, sounds funny right? I wore a jacket that I have here

What do you think of the outfit, people? I apologize for the quality of pictures. My sister took them and as you can see she ain't a very good photographer. 
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Have a great day!!
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